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My beloved Nature has betrayed me. I was STUNG today. By a wasp or bee or something. There I was, just lying peacfully in my hammock in the garden, and some ruddy insect had the nerve to sting me! It's shameful, it really is. All these eighteen years of nothing but worship to Mother Earth and this is how I'm repayed.

I'll remember this, I will.

In other news, let school stay away for another week. I love doing nothing. Ah.

Mr. Lupin, excuse me, John (Merlin, he actually asked me to call him John...maybe I should be scared...), had a talk with me. About Remus and living together and gods...I'm not going to get mad. Because I promised myself then and there that I wouldn't get mad. For Remus' sake I'm not going to get mad. Nope...but I can't say I'm not really disappointed. I mean I was really looking forward to this. After school ends, and a whole new life, new freedoms for us. And no...not so much.

I guess I understand where he's coming from. I just wish that I hadn't been planning this for so long and now all of a sudden it's gone. Well, pushed back at least. Alright, so not going to be mad. No nope, not happening. Going to be supportive and all that stuff...Yup.

Merlin help me.
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