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There's another one of those bloody colds going around school again. Remus was sick yesterday, and now I've been sneezing all day. And as there are none of Peter's stupid plants around, I can't imagine what else would do it to me. (Plant murder seems to have done the trick after all, mua hah hah. Ahem.)

Quidditch match coming up. I think the whole running thing might actually be helping. Go figure. If we don't win the cup this year, I'd be really surprised. After all, how could we possibly leave Professor McG cup-less?! She's already losing her two favorite students! She'd be heart broken, and we can't have that, can we? No no...

We need a party soon. I feel like I haven't bloody seen half if you in ages! Where have you lot been hiding? Definitely need a party. Ooh...
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